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English spring water - half a pallet NEW SQUARE BOTTLES

English spring water - half a pallet NEW SQUARE BOTTLES

Great discount on bulk. Half a pallet 30 x 15L bottles at £6.60 per bottle delivered.

Great price, only £6.60 (plus VAT) a bottle delivered. Get the benefit of a bulk order by ordering half a pallet. If your water consumption means you need to buy in volume then you can enjoy this huge saving.

NEW SQUARE BOTTLE - Please be assured that our new square bottle will fit onto your cooler in just the same way as our round bottle did; we designed it with the same cap and shoulder geometry to ensure a perfect fit.

Our Pure Spring Water is produced in Wiltshire and conforms to the stringent standards of the UK Bottled Water Association.Our bottles are made from PET which is 100% recycleable. Since January 2020, our bottles have been made from 30% recycled PET.

Price VAT excl.:£198.00
Price VAT incl.:£237.60