JustEau English Spring Water 15L - No Carry Handles

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• Universal, no spill cap, fits all top loading bottled water dispensers (without carry handles)

• PET Bottle is 100% RECYCLABLE Made with 51% recycled PET

• Bottled at our protected Spring Water Source in Wiltshire

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• Usually delivered in 3-4 working days

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From a historic, protected source deep in the hills surrounding the 7000 acre Fonthill Bishop Estate in Wiltshire the JustEau Spring Water is naturally filtered through limestone rock before emerging from modern boreholes.

The JustEau Spring Water offers a light, refreshing taste and a balanced mineral composition.

The bottles are fully recyclable and manufactured from 51% RPET.

Please note. 15L JustEau bottles are not suitable for all bottom loading water coolers. It is your responsibility to check prior to ordering that the bottle area can seat a bottle that is 196mm wide x 196mm deep x 533mm high from base to top of bottle neck.

  Typical Analysis mg/l
Dry Residue at 180°C 338
Sodium 7
Calcium 93.6
Magnesium 1.0
Potassium 0.3
Sulphate 7
Bicarbonate 254
Chloride 15
Flouride 0.11
Silica 4.5

Chemical analysis carried out in 2019. Water routinely monitored by approved laboratories.