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Recycled Plastic
30% recycled plastic bottles

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15L single bottleJusteau high quality pure English spring water

  • From a historic protected source deep in the hills surrounding the 7,000-acre Fonthill Bishop Estate in Wiltshire
  • Naturally filtered through limestone rock before emerging from modern boreholes
  • Light, refreshing taste and a balanced mineral composition
  • Fully recyclable bottle, now made with 30% recycled plastic


Our bottles are made from PET. They are fully recyclable.

Where can I recycle my bottles?

PET is the most widely recycled plastic. Nearly all civic councils run a PET collection facility and many run roadside collection services.

How is PET recycled?

Most PET is recycled mechanically. The used PET is cleaned, physically broken down into flakes and made into bales. These bales are then sold on the open market.

Some PET is recycled chemically. It is re-processed back into its constituent materials.

What is recycled PET used for?

Most recycled PET is turned in to polyester fibres, which can be used to produce a wide variety of textile products from fleeces to sails. PET can also be recycled to produce the raw material for making new plastic and PET products. This has a huge energy saving compared to producing plastics from raw materials.

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