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FAQ's for water and water dispenser enquiries

Do we repair the dispenser?

Please contact the office if you have an issue with a dispenser.

Where can I get water other than the web site?

Available from Makro , Booker, and selected ASDA stores.

Can I place orders over the phone?

Web orders only but do contact the office to discuss if this is not convenient.

Where does the water come from?

The water is bottled at source in Wiltshire.

When should I clean the dispenser?

We recommend that the dispenser is sanitised using our cleaning kit every ninety days.

How hot is the hot water from the dispenser?

Hot enough to make a hot drink.

Will your water fit on to a dispenser I didn't buy from you?

Yes, water cooler bottles all have a common cap so our bottles will fit any cooler.

What do I do with my empty bottles?

Remove the blue cap and stand on the bottle to crush it, then place in you recycling bin.

Where is the best place to position my water dispenser?

Out of direct sun light.

Do your bottles fit all water dispensers?

Our bottles use universal caps and fit all standard water dispensers.